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Five Reasons I Recommend Nano Needling (The Regenpen) Over Micro Needling


In the world of non-invasive skincare treatments, the Regenpen stands as a remarkable innovation. While micro needling delves deeper with needles, the Regenpen offers a gentler approach, making it ideal for various skincare needs. Here are five reasons I recommend the Regenpen:

🌿 The Regenpen's versatility shines as it can be safely employed around the delicate eye area, addressing concerns like crows feet and lymphatic fluid accumulation under the eye 🌿 Say goodbye to costly procedures; this budget-friendly option can plump lips and diminish those stubborn "smokers lines." 🌿 For those seeking an at-home solution, the Regenpen provides a convenient treatment without the worry of skin irritations. 🌿 Perhaps most crucially, the Regenpen's impact lingers, with its small channels staying open for up to 20 minutes after treatment. This unique feature allows for enhanced absorption of additional skincare products, such as our HA3 (hyaluronic acid) for maximum results. Curious to experience the Regenpen's wonders firsthand? Reach

out to us to schedule an appointment. We're now booking and ready to transform your skincare routine. BOOK NOW


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